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SCMSeptember 2010

Architect to the Sky, a documentary about Roderick Romero featureing the music of Sky Cries Mary premieres this Wednesday in Overland Park, Kansas. According to filmmaker Joe Hendrickson:

"My love of the urban forest has extended into the art of filmmaking. My son and I recently completed our first documentary, 'Architect to the Sky'. It stars Roderick Romero, world renowned tree house builder and architect. A creative visionary in his field Roderick has built tree houses for Val Kilmer, Sting, and Julianne Moore. Along the journey, you will witness fundamental tree house techniques.

The film highlights living an earth conscious lifestyle with an emphasis on the art and science utilized in the building process. From conception to completion the film is informative and entertaining. With my son filming and me lending my own specialized skills, we felt fortunate to share in this unique experience. Now we would like to share it with you."

World Premiere,
September 29th ,7:45pm
Glenwood Art's Theater
9575 Metcalf, Overland Park, Ks

The filmmaker Joseph Hendrickson and the star of the documentary Roderick Romero will be present for a Q&A session after the viewing. Following the Q&A will be a signing where you'll be able to meet with Roderick personally to find out more about the tree house building experience.
Your ticket and the purchase of the movie will help increase awareness and support for this eco- friendly way of building, and lay the foundation for future sustainable projects that educate and entertain.

Space Between the Drops now available from Trail Records

Trail Records has just released a collection of our sprawling, ambient, and textural tracks. Here's the songs list:

  1. Cornerman
  2. Elephant Song
  3. Rain
  4. These Old Bones
  5. Slow Down Time
  6. Four A.M.
  7. An Ant, The Stars, an Owl, and its Prey
  8. Want
  9. Gliding (2006 studio version)
  10. Land of All
  11. Missing

The price is $14.95 including shipping. Get it now.

Listen to Lou Reed discuss "Small Town" with Roderick!

Small TownThe second pressing of "Small Town" has arrived! The new CD features a new cover and and expanded booklet and is available at our online store.

Only $11.99

Select a song to listen to a one minute preview:

  1. Small Town
  2. Rainfall
  3. You Are
  4. Get Your (no download available)
  5. Find a Way
  6. Hovering
  7. Travel Light
  8. Five Train
  9. Heart Above (no download available)
  10. Land of All
  11. I'm Always Home
  12. Missing
  13. Your Head (no download available)
  14. Video: Small Town by Julie Evanoff

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