Exit at the Axis

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Exit at the Axis


  1. Moon Dream Meadow Allegory
  2. Back to the Sea
  3. Cornerman
  4. Elephant Song




The Band:

Roderick: Vocals, words, drum programming

Anisa Romero: Vocals

DJ Fallout: Samples and scrtaches

Joseph E. Howard : Bass

Bennett James: Drums and percussion

Ivan Kral: Guitar

Gordon Raphael: Keyboard, samples, and guitar


Recording Notes:

Produced by Rick Boston. Recorded by Ian Caple at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA, 1991. Mixed by Ian Caple at Lawson Productions. Rick Boston: psychick guitar on 1,3, and 4. Dave Allen: bass and samples on 4. Sam-K: vocals on 4.



World Domination/Capitol Records 1992

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