Fresh Fruits for the Liberation

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Fresh Fruits for the Liberation


  1. Bath House
  2. Goodbye Horse
  3. Where Does It End...
  4. Well, Where Does It Begin?
  5. 2000 Light Years From Home (Soft Explosion Mix)
  6. Corner Man (Still Homeless In The Freeworld Version)
  7. Movement Of Water
  8. Every Iceburg Is Afire (Titanic Mix)
  9. Wots... Uh The Deal?
  10. Moonbathing (Waxing And Waning Mix)
  11. To The One You Love (Partial Clearing Mix)


The Band:

Roderick Romero: Vocals, words, percussion

Anisa Romero: Vocals, words, percussion

Todd Robbins: Sampler, rhythm machines, keyboards

Juano: Bass, Moog Taurus bass pedals

Bennett James Ireland: Drums and percussion

Michael Cozzi: Guitars

Gordon Raphael: Keyboards, guitars, samplers


Guest Musicians

Robin Boomer: Cello

Krist Noveselic: Acoustic bass

Charlie Rowan: Accordian


Recording Notes:

Produced by Paul Fox and Sky Cries Mary

Engineered by Ed Thacker at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA, May 1996

Assistant engineer: Aaron Warner

Assisted by Steve Culp & Steve Knopp

Mixed by Ian Caple at Apache Tracks, Tempe, AZ, March, 1994.



Warner Brothers Records 1997

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