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Soundtrack of dream-vision compositions, seamlessly interwoven tapestry of rhythm, lyric and melody. Dissonant, ethereal and infernal, mind expanding, ambient, space-rock with cinematic wordplay. The resulting mix can't be quantified. It must be heard to be experienced. In fact, it can't be heard without experiencing it.

The origins can be traced back to 1986. Pre-med student Roderick met painter and performance artist Anisa Romero at the University of Washington in Seattle. It was a typically twisted road, first to Paris. Sky Cries Mary recorded for the indie label New Rose Records. Roderick returned to Seattle in 1989 via a Romanian train trip and the group released an album titled Until the Grinders Cease.

In 1990 they released a five-song EP titled Don't Eat the Dirt. In quick succession, Anisa, Roderick, bassist Joe Howard, drummer Ben Ireland, guitarist Ivan Kral, keyboardist Gordon Raphael, and underground DJ Todd Robbins together released a second EP in 1991 entitled Exit at the Axis, on World Domination Records.

Critics: "Sky Cries Mary seems as comfortable on earth as on the astral plane...a spacey, spiritual swirl, a dream you don't want to end."

In 1993 the group released a full-length album, A Return to the Inner Experience, followed up with additional national touring and various personnel shifts that brought guitarist Michael Cozzi and bassist Juano to the lineup.

This Timeless Turning, the fifth release, was recorded and released on World Domination, while the group continued its touring through America and Japan.

1994 highlights: Conan O'Brian show, the John Stewart show, the first-ever live concert on the Internet, and 15,000 miles of truck stops.1995-1996 more truck stops. In 1997 Moonbathing On Sleeping Leaves was released for Warner Brothers Records. "Interstellar starscapes fully realized, finely detailed and fantastically appointed musical collage."

1998: SCM released Fresh Fruits for the Liberation--Ten Years of Musical Compost. Recorded and mixed a live record "Here it is" (unreleased). Michael Cozzi steps out and William Bernhard steps in.

Now: as you know there is no fixation in time. It is all one extended moment.

On the north shore of Maui lies a little town named Hana which has grown to inspire a new music project featuring Anisa Romero and Jeff Greinke. Their debut excursion saw the light of day in May. 1998.

1999: After 99 days of rain the Seeds EP is the first fully written, recorded, engineered, and mixed project from Sky Cries Mary with TR as Sky Pilot.

End of the century: A Statement from Roderick marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of the turning page:

"To paraphrase Albert Camus, 'It is just as important to know when to stop as to know when to begin': after 11 years Roderick decided to stop touring and recording. This was not a decision based on animosity in any way, he just felt that he'd reached a sense of completion. Sky Cries Mary will no longer be recording or touring, though each member will continue their own projects.

Most importantly thank you to everyone who has understood and received our music. Thank You. Thank you. Om shanti aloha"

2004: Sky Cries Mary decides to play a couple of shows in Seattle and then expand it to several more. A new live album, "Here and Now" appears in 2005. In early 2007 they released their first new full-length studio album in a decade: Small Town.

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Until the Grinders Cease Don't Eat the Dirt Exit at the Axis A Return to the Inner Experience This TImeless Turning Moonbathing Fresh Fruits for the Liberation Seeds Small Town