Sky Cries Mary have always kept themselves busy with other projects. Currently many band are involved with other projects that you might find interesting. This section of the site will be used to focus on them. Here are a few to start with.

The online home of Anisa's paintings. According to the artist, "my art is a reflection of my life; uncovering layers between the mundane and the ecstatic." Explore and enjoy.



Hana is a collaboration between Anisa Romero and renowned sound sculptor Jeff Greinke. They formed in the summer of 1997 when the two worked together on a performance art piece. The duo released two albums on First World, Hana and Omen. Ben Ireland also participated in both albums.



Introversion is Ben Ireland's electronic musical project. He has released one album In The Garden Of Asmodeus so far and has another being released soon. Additionally his web site contains articles, photographs, and musings on all things Ben Ireland.


No Futuro

No Futuro started off as a collaboration between Roderick Romero and electronic artist Jeremy Moss. The duo were joined by SCM guitarist William Bernhard and the trio their album, No Futuro, on First world in 2001.


Romero Studios focuses on the architectural and design pursuits of Roderick and Anisa. You can find out more information on their gardens, tree houses, and interior design projects here.



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