A Return to the Inner Experience

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A Return to the Inner Experience


  1. Walla Walla
  2. Moving Like Water
  3. Gone
  4. Circus Church
  5. 2000 Light Years from Home
  6. When the Fear Stops
  7. Lay Down Your Head
  8. Rain
  9. Ocean Which Humanity Is
  10. Broken Down
  11. Rosaleen
  12. Buss to Gate 23
  13. Joey's Aria
  14. We Will Fall

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The Band:

Roderick: Words and voice

Anisa Romero: Voice

DJ Fallout: Turntables, drum Progamming, ambient noise

Joseph E. Howard : Bass , stand up bass, mellotron, coral sitar

Bennett James: Drums and percussion

Marc Olsen : Guitar, words and voice on "Rosaleen"

Gordon Raphael: Keyboards and spiritual noise


Recording Notes:

Produced by Norman Kerner. Engineered and mixed by Norman Kerner at Brilliant Studios, San Francisco, CA, 1992. Clarinet on "Bus to Gate 23" by Beth Custer.



World Domination/Capitol Records 1993

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