Small Town

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A Return to the Inner Experience


  1. Small Town
  2. Rainfall
  3. You Are
  4. Get Your
  5. Find a Way
  6. Hovering
  7. Travel Light
  8. Five Train
  9. Heart Above
  10. Land of All
  11. I'm Always Home
  12. Missing
  13. Your Head
  14. Video: Small Town by Julie Evanoff

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The Band:

Roderick Romero: vocals

Anisa Romero: vocals

Ben Ireland: drums, percussion, keyboards

Michael Cozzi: guitars, keyboards, programming

Juano: bass, keyboards acoustic guitar

William Bernhard: guitar, keyboards, programming


Recording Notes:

Produced and mixed by Michael Cozzi.
Recorded at Moscozzi Studios and our various houses.



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